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A Place for New Beginnings

From feeling stuck in pitfalls and looking up at mountains that seemed insurmountable... to tapping into strength and purpose that never quits, The House of Restoration Community Connections is at the forefront of bringing out the, "More than a Conquerer" side of you.

We are so glad to have you here. Please, take a look around and get to know us better.

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  • Cover Me Right Workshop

    As we prepared for the 2022 Cover Me Right Show we had some of the most Top Notch women come through and impart into these young ladies who will soon under their Worth and will choose to be Covered Right! Self-Image, Self-Identity, Self-Worth - Embrace Yours! 7227 Broadway Ste 403, Lemon Grove CA by calling 619 315 6075!

  • Love Thy Community, Love Thy S.E.L.F.

    Inspired by the heroic acts of Dr. Martin Luther King, we will be going to several schools and educating the youth on Peace & Character through Activies, Storytelling and Giveaways. With the partnership of the community itself, we will be pouring directly into the minds of children and demenstrating how to be focused on progress over procrastination.

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Reclaiming Your Future Today


Far too often we as women suffer in silence and alone through unimaginable, and sometimes unbearable pain but it obviously doesn't have to be this way. In "Travailing's" you'll experience a women's journey through depression, motivation, frustration, and resilience. 

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