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A Place for New Beginnings

From feeling stuck in pitfalls and looking up at mountains that seemed insurmountable... to tapping into strength and purpose that never quits, The House of Restoration Community Connections is at the forefront of bringing out the, "More than a Conquerer" side of you.

We are so glad to have you here. Please, take a look around and get to know us better.

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  • She's Worthy 2023

    She's Worthy is about reminding every woman of how special they are from the Community Leaders and Politian's to the Single Moms! We want every woman to know that, even though we come from different backgrounds, we all share one thing: Our Incredible Worth! All of the House of Restoration project’s main goal is to boost the confidence and self-esteem of young girls and women. For more details call 619 315 6075. To attend our upcoming She's Worthy event, grab your ticket today!

  • D.E.A.R. TIME

    Is our reading, literacy, and computer program. We engage our women and teenage girls on a path of clarity and
    comprehension via grammar, correct spelling, and punctuation from classical books such as Moby Dick to the autobiography of Malcolm X. We, the House of Restoration, understand that reading comprehension for our
    indigenous and black Americans for reading proficiency is at a 4th-grade level and only 18% comprehension. The CEO, Ms. England, knows this all too well as she taught her mother how to read when she was in elementary school from her mother's favorite series Star Wars. Your contributions will assist with materials, correct programming, certificates, and more.

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Reclaiming Your Future Today

Getting Out There


Everyday, we here at HRCC are finding ways to positively add to our community with the hope that it will inspire our community members (especially the teenagers) to start going out and doing the same. Working together, we can accomplish levels of success that can carry over for decades to come.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to get involved with our community outreach.

House of Restoration Community Connections

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