About Us

Mission Statement:

We are a grassrooted Non-Profit Organization that unselfishly mentors women & their children, middle school and college aged, through restorative engagement by enhancing their personal skills, enlarging their business opportunities and engaging them with professional platforms that will enrich their lives to help stomp out childhood poverty. 



Together we are truly taking back control of our lives, building beautiful families, and restoring our communities one family at a time. We do this by helping to stomp out childhood poverty through building up women and their children, one house at a time.

Poverty is a status, not a permanent condition. Focusing our efforts, we push forward to address the main causes of childhood poverty...lack of food/basic hygiene supplies, guidance/mentorship, education and housing.

So our community goal is to provide the most rapid, most relevant, and most supportive resources. We do this through "Self-Reflecting, Enrichment and Preventive Workshops." Plus we connect those looking for Intensive Case Management, Advocacy, and Consulting also. One of the greatest accomplishments thus far is in providing mentorship to help individuals navigate towards their destiny, with guidance and clarity.


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Vada J. Inspire - C.E.O, Inspirational Speaker & Author


Many have asked why have I chosen to "deal" with this particular population. My simple answer is, "I am that population!" I've had some great temporary examples of how to overcome obstacles with individuals who have helped along the way, however and without fail, God has remained my constant.


Beyond turning the corner in my own life for myself and children, I became fully aware that God's purpose for me beyond my family was to help reach as many women in similar circumstances and help them by educating, encouraging and empowering them to rise up and begin allowing their true positive and productive side to come out!


It is in that same thought...that we hold events like our Cover Me Right Fashion Event. Where, under the guidance of an experienced seamstress and designer; we take a group of young women and create unique... one-of-a-kind apparel pieces that in turn become available for auction with all proceeds going back into the course to keep it going. This one event alone provides development in teamwork, creative expression, market trends and the ability to place it on their resumes for future employment. The purpose for our events is simple, make a positive difference through self-development. 


I thank you for visiting our website today and encourage you to get involved in helping to make a positive difference in your community as well.


- Vada J. Inspire